• Service always available from our global cloud platform - 24/7/365
  • Payments can be stored, to be processed when schemes open.

To fulfil a payment


  • Instant payments where supported by schemes.

  • Track your payment every step of the way.

  • Instant notifications for every payment you send or receive.

  • Complete visibility of all transaction data.


Fewer Failures

  • Intelligent routing for every payment, optimized for speed, cost and acceptance preferences.

  • Simulate the payment before sending, to reduce failures.

  • Repair & retry failed transactions from our Payment Hospital.


Peace of Mind

  • Bank-grade security, data encryption, and infrastructure. 

  • Strict compliance with scheme rules and regulations across three continents.

  • Future-proof integration is assured, as our API adapts to scheme changes.

Payment Schemes

Make instant payments of up to £250K, including payments originating outside of the UK.

Same-day, unlimited-value payments when sent during UK business hours.

Pay Direct Debits from your account, plus send and receive low-cost BACS payments.

Make uncapped, high-value payments within the EEA.

Make instant payments up to £100K within the EEA.

Send funds between geographical areas (such as UK and USA).


Make uncapped, high-value payments within Europe, including payments originated outside the EEA.

Make electronic transfers between two accounts in the same Santander bank.