Welcome to Developer Portal
  • 19 Feb 2024
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Welcome to Developer Portal

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Article summary

Getting started

The Developer portal is a powerful tool created to enable you, the developer, to build and extend your product offering.

To get started:

  1. Explore the Developer marketplace to see what it can offer.

  2. Check the technical details of our API from Our Product and API Explorer sections.

  3. Subscribe to an API you want to use. You can subscribe to a sandbox to test the API in practice, and when you're ready, change your subscription to the live environment and let your app conquer the world.

Navigating the developer portal

The Developer portal consists of the following main areas, which you can access from the menu at the top and lateral of the screen:

  • In Our Product area, you could discover our solution, payments types supported, key features and functionalities and relevant information about our outstanding technology.

  • In Get Started area, you can get familiar with the Developer portal and how to use it to your advantage.

  • In Payments Hub ISO20022 area, you can access detailed information about the API, such as overview, message field definition, response codes, tutorials, SEPA Rulebook 2023 and resources. In Resources you could access to Postman Collection, Sandbox environment details and API Explorer page which shows the details of the available endpoints, with descriptions for the request and response body elements.

  • In Glossary section, you will access to useful terms to get familiarize with.

  • In Support area, you could check main FAQs related to Payments Hub Product and Developer site.

Additionally, you would be able to contact us from Get in Touch option.

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